Department of English

Linda Stewart

Associate Professor of English

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
English Building (EB 440), Room 065
Phone: 470-578-6439


Associate Professor of English

Teaching at Kennesaw State since 1998  

Education: Ph.D. Equivalency, Kennesaw State University, (2008).  MA,University of New Hampshire (1997), MAT, University of New Hampshire (1991)

Other Affiliations or Positions: American Studies 

Specializations: British and World Literatures, Composition, and American Studies

Courses Regularly Taught: ENGL 2122: British Literature late 1700s to Present; ENGL 2145: Introduction to English Studies; ENGL 2110: World Literature; AMST 3700: Principles and Methods of American Studies.

Most Recent or Most Important Publications:


Stewart, Linda. “Come On In! Stepping into DMAC to become a digital media dweller.” Computers and Composition 30th anniversary issue (online and print). April 2015.

Stewart, Linda. “A Catalyst for Change: Staging Dramatics for Preservice English Teachers through Improv, Role-play and Collaborative Reflection.” English Education Journal. January 2015.

Stewart, Linda. “Practicing Place: Walking and Writing to Foster Culturally Responsive/ible Teaching and Learning for Civic Life.” The Iowa English Bulletin Journal. September 2011.

Stewart, Linda and Laura Davis. Editors. Teachers as Avatars: English Studies in the Digital Age. New Dimensions in Computers and Composition. Hampton Press. June 2011.

Stewart, Linda. Chapter: “Measuring Up: The Uncertainty of Assessing New Media.” Teachers As Avatars; English Studies in the Digital Age. Hampton Press. June 2011



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