Department of English

Denise White

Senior Lecturer of English

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
English Building (EB 440), Room 075
Phone: 470-578-2420


 Senior Lecturer

Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi

Teaching at Kennesaw State since 2000

Education: PhD, Georgia State University, 2012; MA University of Charleston, SC; BA College Of Charleston.

Specializations: Medieval and Renaissance studies, Manuscript studies, 20th Century American Literature

Publications: BL Cotton Caligula Aii, Manuscript Context, The Theme of Obedience, and a Diplomatic Transcription Edition, Dissertation, 2012. Setting the Lands in Order: Retelling the Fisher King Myth in Twain, Maugham, and Hemingway, Thesis, 2000. “Holding Tight Against the Pain": Hemingway's WWI Fiction, Thesis, 1998. The Travel Journal of Lancelot Minor Harris, 1998.

Courses Regularly Taught: ENGL1101, ENGL1102, ENGL2110, ENGL 2172

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