Department of English

Chris Palmer

Associate Professor of English

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
English Building (EB 440), Room 155
Phone: 470-578-6215


Associate Professor of English

Teaching at Kennesaw State since Fall 2009

Education: M.A. in English Language and Literature, 2003, University of Michigan; Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, 2009, University of Michigan

Specializations: History of the English Language; Contemporary English Linguistics; Medieval English Literature

Courses Regularly Taught:  ENGL 2145: Introduction to English Studies, ENGL 2172: British Literature to 1660,  ENGL 3030: Politics and the English Language; English Sociolinguistics,  ENGL 3035: Introduction to Language and Linguistics,  ENGL 3040: History of the English Language,  ENGL 4370: British Medieval Literature—Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy; Chaucer,  ENGL 4620: Senior Seminar—Canterbury Tales,  ENGL 7731: Language Studies in English, PRWR 6000: Research Methods and Style

Most Recent or Most Important Publications:  2015 “Measuring productivity diachronically: nominal suffixes in English letters, 1400–1600.” English Language and Linguistics 19.1: 107-129.

2015 “The phrasal verb in American English: Using corpora to track down historical trends in particle distribution, register variation, and noun collocations.” With David West Brown. In Studies in the History of the English Language VI: Evidence and Method in Histories of English. Eds. Michael Adams, R. D. Fulk, and Laurel J. Brinton. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 71-98.

2015 "Comparing Student Assessments and Perceptions of Online and Face-to-Face Versions of an Introductory Linguistics Course." With David Johnson. Online Learning 19.2: 1-18.

2013 “Historical sociolinguistic approaches to derivational morphology: A study of speaker gender and nominal suffixes in Early Modern English.” Token: A Journal of English Linguistics 2: 5-22.

2008 “Borrowed Derivational Morphology in Late Middle English: A Study of the Records of the London Grocers and Goldsmiths.” In Studies in the History of the English Language IV: Empirical and Analytical Advances in the Study of English Language Change. Eds. Susan Fitzmaurice and Donka Minkova. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 231-64.

2006 “The Importance of Historical Corpora, Reliability, and Reading.” With Anne Curzan. In Corpus-based Studies in Diachronic English. Eds. Facchinetti and Rissanen. Bern: Peter Lang, 17-34.


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