Department of English

Aaron Graham

Part-time Instructor of English

Contact Information

Office: Kennesaw Campus
English Building (EB 440), Room 207
Phone: 470-578-4451



(2016). Skyping From a Combat Zone Finalist for Tupelo Press’s Sunken Chapbook Poetry Prize
(2016). Mythos/Deployment. Sequestrum New Writer Awards.  
(2016). Gethsemane. Cleaver Magazine. 
(2016). Footfalls Sequestrum New Writer Awards. 
(2016). Olfaction. Tethered by Letters 2016 Poetry Contest Finalist. 
(2015). Blood Stripes. Finalist for Tupelo Press’s Berkshire Poetry Prize.
(2015). PTSD Poem #12. SAND: Berlin’s Premiere Journal of Literary Arts.
(2015). The Situation on the Ground; The Tishman Review Vol. 2. No. 3.
(2015). Spirit of a Solstice. f(r)iction Literary Magazine. 
(2015). Ode to MRE No. 8. Finalist Tishman Review 2015 Poetry Contest.
(2015). Death is a Midnight Runner. Alternating Current Luminaire Award Finalist.
(2015). Abiit Iam et Reverti Debet. Veterans’ Writing Project.  
(2015). Ode to a Wishing Well. Print Oriented Bastards. 
(2015). Funeral Pyre. Digging Through the Fat. Vol. 9 No. 1.  
(2014). #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS. YSU Journal of Literary Arts. 
(2013). By the Waters of the Susquehanna, I aid Down and Wept: The Trauma of Removal in Mary Rowlandson’s The Sovereignty                    and Goodness of God; Criterion: A Journal of Literary Criticism: Vol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 7.
 (2013).  Any Man Has To, Wants To / Once In A Lifetime, Do A Girl In: Violent Implications of Sexual Desire in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste                 Land.





“Veterans’ Poetry and Other Creative Art’s Establishment of a Dialogic Space Proving Palliative Treatment for Traumatic Lucid Flashbacks and its Basis in Cognitive Neuro-Biologic Principles;” Squaw Valley Community of Poets (SVP); Lake Tahoe, NV. (May 2014) 

“As a Tapestry, ‘Hemmed in’ but Coming Undone at the Seams: Mary Rowlandson’s Weaving of Parallel Traumatic Narratives in The Sovereignty and Goodness of God.” American Literature Association’s 25
th Annual Conference. Boston, MA. (October 2014) “’Any Man Wants to... Once in a Lifetime, Do a Girl in’: The Traumatized Feminine Subject in A Game of Chess”; Popular Culture Association in the South & American Culture Association in the South (PCAS/ACAS); Savannah, GA. (October 2013)

“The Passage to India by Way of Denmark: Finding a Philosophic Language for the Paradoxical”. Special Panel “Eliot and Asia” T.S. Eliot Society Conference; St. Louis, MO. (September 2013)

“‘Tangled up in Blue’: Disney’s Captivity Narrative” The 34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference. Albuquerque, NM. (March 2013)

“Conjuring an Ephemeral Sibyl: Allusion as Erasure and Memorial in Eliot’s Early Epigraphs.” Re/Inventions UC Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA. (April 2013)

“Memorializing an Impossible Return: The Trauma of Removal in Early American Captivity Narrative.” “Borderless Identities Graduate Conference;” Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS. (April 2013)


“A Desire for the Undone: The Feminine Body in Eliot’s The Wasteland” 2nd Annual (Anti)Foundations Conference; Duquesne University; Pittsburgh, PA. (March 2013) 

“Hopkins’ Kierkegaard: Teleological Suspension of the Ethical in ‘The Windhover The Hopkins Conference; Regis U; Denver, CO. (March 2013)



2016 Winner: 7-Hills Penumbra Poetry Prize

2016 Finalist: Luminaire Poetry Prize

2016 Finalist: Sequestrum New Poets Prize

2015 Finalist: Tupelo Press Berkshire Prize

2013 Winner: Best Thesis Award UWYO

2013 Sigma Tau Delta

2013 Kambrois Scholarship UWYO

2011F13 Kuhnne Memorial Scholarship

2013 SALUTE Veterans Honors Society

2011 Cheney Study Abroad Scholarship

2011 Phi Beta Kappa

2011 University Honors Graduate

2011 English Honors Graduate 2

00-F11 Dean’s List College of A&S 
2008 Mtn. Regional Debate Coach of the Year

2007 USMC Community Service Medal

2006 Navy Achievement Medal

2005 Honor Graduate Marine Combat Training 

2004 NCAA National Champion: Debate

2004 NCAA National Champion: Extemp.




2015 Founded Veterans Writing Initiative A free weekly class at the Atlanta VAMC

2014FFF15 CoFEditor of The Squaw Valley Review

2013 Conference Director, Wyoming Writers INC Annual Conference

2013 Chaired The University of Wyoming’s 2nd Annual Literary Conference 2

012FFF13 Founded UWYO Veterans Recognized Student Organization (RSO)

2012 Guest Lecturer UW Summer Classics Institute

2012 Guest Judge of Policy Debate Wyoming State Forensics Competition

2011& 12 Guest Judge for Colorado College’s Annual Debate Tournament

2009-11 Debate Coach, Sheridan College (two time National Champions)

2009 && 10 CoFFFeditor of Expressions Fine Arts Publication

2009 & 10 Sheridan College Faculty Lecture Series: The Wasteland and Arabic Poetics

2008 & 09 Editor in Chief of The General Criterion Literary Publication

2007 Squad Leader 2nd Bn. 4th Marines HQ Company Counterintelligence Anti-Terrorism Force Protecton

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