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2011 Emerging Writers Contest Winners

Creative-Non Fiction Category
First Place: Tallman Trask, "Melting Snow on a Spoon"
Second Place: Gary Harris, "Life on the Five"
Third Place: Yelena Kozenkova, "Halfway Different"
Finalist: Brandon Skolnick, "Black Flag Salute"
Finalist: Julia Hall, "Lessons from an Airbrush Artist"

Academic Essay Category
First Place: Briana Bosworth, "The Media's Glamorization of Teen Pregnancy"
Second Place: Benjamin Long, "Bite Me"
Third Place: Melba Louis, "Cohabitation and the Prospect of Marriage"
Finalist: Jesse Brooks, “Digital Liberty, Virtual Freedom”
Finalist: Kenny Wong, "Greedy Breeders"

Posted: April 15, 2011